Six hundred days of war.

Six hundred days of war.

Oct 16, 2023

Two hundred times according to "Kyiv in three days."

They are still much stronger militarily, stronger economically, trying to rise up politically, internationally.

Our advantage is that we know what this war is about.

For us to stop being ourselves, very different, constantly squabbling among ourselves, but individual, to turn into a part of them, to merge into this faceless they, dissolve and drown in it.

They want to take us away from us, deprive us of our identity.

Why do they need this?

To satisfy vanity.

So that later, having thrown us onto the scales, he could raise the stakes of his vanity even higher, moving another five hundred kilometer steps closer to the west.

What is our motivation?

We want to live and be.

People, country, yourself.

What can we oppose to them?


We simply don’t have internal unity, nothing else, nothing stronger than this.

But we don’t need to do this with our heads if we are able to preserve it.

But we have no other choice, we need to save.