Aid For Ukraine

MemorySteel is not just a company that turns Russian equipment into aesthetic souvenirs, but also a community that actively seeks opportunities to help both our army and ordinary people. Our activity is based on the desire to unite hearts and efforts to support communities and important initiatives. Today we want to tell you the story of one of our projects.

Water as a Primary Need
In the summer of 2023, as a result of the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant and the decrease of the water level in the Dnieper, the front-line settlement of Oleksiivka, located near Nikopol, found itself in a difficult situation.

The decrease in the water level seriously complicated the residents' access to water, there was not even technical water. Drinking water could only be obtained in bottles, which is a creatively expensive and unlikely solution for the residents of the village of Oleksievka. The situation was predicted to worsen in winter, when people risked using up all the available water in the pond if measures were not taken. In this context, the idea of creating a well for clean water arose.

We decided to help by starting a project to drill a well to provide residents with clean drinking water. Our goal is to help make life easier for people in the region and provide support in frontline situations. However, the costs of the well turned out to be significant, and their collective efforts would not have been sufficient without outside support.

The Power of Community: Moments that connect people

Most of the funds for the project were raised from our customers who purchased our unique tank metal key chains. We have received support from those who share our values and desire to do good. In addition to financial support, our team has given their time and energy in an effort to create positive change.

Thanks to the active sales of our products, we managed to raise money and implement the drilling of a well with artesian water for $13,000. Now about 30 residents of the village use free access to clean water.
Our project has become a symbol that even small contributions can have a big impact. We are deeply grateful to our customers and everyone who has joined this noble cause.
Helping Together: Our Mission Continues Our work has only just begun. We believe that everyone can be a part of positive change in the world. As we continue to develop our initiatives, we invite you to join our movement for a better future. Thank you for your support. With love, the MemorySteel team