Adhesive Fabric Thermal Patches, Mriya

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Introducing our exceptional textile decorative adhesive thermal patches for clothing, boasting captivating patriotic motifs.


Fabric adhesive patches come in captivating shapes and designs, offering a user-friendly avenue for personalized and customized embellishments. Effortlessly elevate your attire, redefine your style, or fine-tune your aesthetics with the effortless application of these fabric adhesive patches. The adhesive backing ensures a seamless attachment to clothing when subjected to the heat of an iron.


These patches are often deployed as standalone ornamental elements in handcrafted creations, infusing them with distinctive character and panache. Moreover, they serve as effective markers for belongings or individuals. In specific contexts, such as the military or sporting events, specialized patches, including the iconic chevrons, fulfill their unique purposes. For effortless brand recognition and logo placement, turn to our patches, simplifying the process of creating a recognizable identity.

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