Historic Symbolism Candle, Burn down the Kremlin with our Unique Handcrafted Candle

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Burn Kremlin
Product description

A unique opportunity to set fire to Moscow without leaving home! This unique candle offers you the chance to ignite the Kremlin's flame and observe its symbolic blaze from the comfort of your home.

Upon purchasing this candle, you gain the power to set the Kremlin ablaze and witness its symbolic burn. As thoughts hold tangible power, we'll kindle this candle, sending fiery greetings to Moscow through our collective intentions.

Natural wax is meticulously poured into genuine casings from 40-mm grenades sourced from the MARK-19 automatic grenade launcher.

These casings were thoughtfully collected from Bakhmut in Ukraine's Donetsk region during the spring of 2023. The wick, representing the Moscow Kremlin, offers a serene experience as it is set ablaze, allowing you to anticipate the captivating allure of a burning Moscow—a pleasure to behold.


1. The gun cartridge, which already drove the Russians from Ukrainian lands

2.100% wooden wick in the shape of the Moscow Kremlin

3.100% natural soy wax

Embark on this unparalleled journey, merging history, craftsmanship, and collective intent within the cherished confines of your space. This candle stands as a beacon of hope and unity for Ukrainians.

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