Ukrainian Multicam Plate Carrier, Ukrainian Tactical Unloading Bulletproof Vest, Armor Plate Carrier Vest without Plates, Ukrainian uniform

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Made in Ukraine Tactical body armor with an unloading system for two armor plates. (armor plates not include)

Ukrainian uniform

Ukrainian Multicam Plate Carrier

Ukrainian tactical unloading bulletproof vest

Crafted from durable fabric with enhanced resistance to mechanical wear and tear,

special weaving of threads ensures complete waterproofness. The fabric is resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet exposure;

The dimensions of the plates are 25x30 cm

On the front part there are:

• several rows of velcro and strong belt tape with holes for various auxiliary devices/chevrons;

• hinges for the first aid kit;

• three large compartments for "stores", grenades, etc., with rubber bands for fixing;

• internal compartment for the stove; On the back of the vest there are:

• a sewn-in evacuation belt weighing up to 150 kg;

• three rows of belt tape with holes;

• internal compartment for the stove;

The vest is fixed on the body with the help of strong nylon Velcro.

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