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It looks gorgeous

Just received. I have never regretted ordering it.


Im very happy with the bracelet! Just the right size and you practically don't fell it on your wrist

Slava Ukraini!

made in Russia, made better after recycling in Ukraine.
shipping was adequate (2 weeks from a warzone? and some peoples still complain, even if it took more than that i would never complain. )
the packagine is well made, the keychain itself is heavy and a bit sharp edged but that's what make it better, better brutish than well polished for a memorablia relic like that.
the QR code on the back is definitely a good addition , as it shows the origine (i wondered at first why it had a wattermelon on it ... after watching the pictures in the link, not anymore)
a little contribution but all my heart to the civilians and braves who defend them and to the Russian civilians who suffer under Puck Futin.
and nothing but pity for those nostalgic of the soviet era who support him
(kept the sender adress as well ... )

Great wallet😍👌🏻

Great wallet😍👌🏻High-quality leather, well-stiched. Very comfortable to use for cards and cash! Highly recommended👌🏻

Amazing product and worthy cause

Memory Steel is doing excellent work to preserve the spirit of Ukraine. Their products are beautiful and they are packaged and presented with care and diligence.

This product, in particular, is a tangible reminder of the war’s daily struggle and the spirit of the Ukrainian people. I’m proud to wear it and I’m glad Memory Steel is making them for the world.

It’s incredible !

There are words that are not simply words to you, they carry an ocean of emotions. There are things that shower you in feelings. That's what my bracelet is about—made in Russia, recycled in Ukraine.

Love the candle!

It’s to nice to light it, very cool piece of history. Shipping took a bit, but considering what’s happening in the world very understandable. Candle was packaged very well, thank you!

Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦🇺🇦💛💙

Fast shipping, nice and heavy, very sharp edges!

My keychain was delivered in less than 2 weeks to Germany. It's nice and heavy but the edges are very sharp! German customs wants additional 3,82 € tax fee (Zoll-/Einfuhrabgaben) as well as 6 € (Auslagepauschale).

A very good trinket

A small token to help the Ukranians. The keychain itself is quite big and heavy, I wouold not use it as it is, nevertheless I'm very happy to have it!

SNATCH Handmade 3D Wooden Puzzle
David Brown
Freedom is a Puzzle with 40 Million Pieces

I have the puzzle & box proudly displayed in my home. After Ukraine wins this war I hope to visit to see the farm tractors & defeated tanks in person.


I finally got mine test after waiting patiently for it. Absolutely a great piece of history to carry around on my keys. Great product from a great country!

5* well deserved

Thank you very much for this piece of history

Gift Keychain Tag a Piece Of Real Tank
qua nguyen
Glory to Ukraine

I'm from VietNam . Stand With Ukraine!

Piece of Russian Tank - Kherson Keychain
Georg F.
Schwerter zu Pflugscharen

Ich bin ganz ehrlich, als ich die Anzeige die mir Google "untergejubelt" hat gesehen hatte musste ich schon ein wenig lachen.
Lange überlegt hab ich dann allerdings nicht mehr. (hier mein Geld ich haben muss ;D). In meinem Fall werde ich zwar kein Acker pflügen aber als Flaschenöffner lässt sich der Panzerstahl bestimmt ganz hervorragend verwenden. Also dann PROST auf die Ukraine!

Great keychain. Slava Ukraïni 🇺🇦

A great way to show support for Ukraine.

The resourceful and skilled Ukrainians turning something ugly into a beautiful keychain which you can proudly carry and declare support for the good guys.
Very nicely

Slava Ukraini

Slava Ukraini

Ukraine Bracelet for men
Jonathan Hodkiewicz
Wonderfully crafted. Shipped pretty quickl...

Wonderfully crafted. Shipped pretty quickly. And it arrived within the time frame expected. Impressive considering the war going on. I would definitely buy again and might get other products from this seller.

I love my keychains and coins, and I the s...

I love my keychains and coins, and I the seller is quick to help resolve problems. I'll definitely buy from here in the future.

Keychain Tag a Piece Of Real Tank
Audrey Crist
My mom got a few at Easter for someone peo...

My mom got a few at Easter for someone people, and so I bought my grandma, and I one too.

Unique Mens Keychain
Richard Altenwerth
Weltklasse.Super Produkt,meine Kollegen si...

Weltklasse.Super Produkt,meine Kollegen sind neidisch;-))

Engraved Ukraine Metal Keychain
Mikko Mueller
Solid piece of steel. Some of the edges ar...

Solid piece of steel. Some of the edges are a bit too sharp to my taste.

Ukraine Bracelet for men
Valentina Vandervort
Exactly as-pictured. I love it! Good quali...

Exactly as-pictured. I love it! Good quality and the print on the keychain is clear and legible.

Army Gift Keychain Tag a Piece Of Real Tank
Pierre Victor Thierry Gleason
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Army Gift Keychain Tag a Piece Of Real Tank
Pierre Victor Thierry Gleason
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